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At Alvaston Moor Academy we believe that there should be a strong partnership between the Academy, students and parents / carers in order to ensure that students are happy, supported in their education and fulfil their potential and ambitions: our aim is for our students to get in to the best universities in the country.

This section contains:

  1. Knowledge Organisers
  2. GO 4 Schools Access
  3. Attendance
  4. Behaviour
  5. Home School Agreement
  6. Attitude to Learning

Knowledge Organisers

At Alvaston Moor Academy we feel it is important to set about making excellent progress in your child’s learning by reinforcing crucial information beyond the classroom. Research indicates that the most effective homework for younger students is carefully organised and monitored. To help structure this important aspect of their learning they are issued with a Knowledge Organiser. The purpose of this is to set well-structured and challenging homework that strengthens their understanding of key information, concepts and subject specific terminology directly related to the syllabuses that inform their GCSE examinations. There are sections of the Organiser which outline what subjects they should complete and on which night. There is space for you to sign off this work as complete and should help you support your son/daughter in carrying out their homework tasks efficiently. Furthermore, each subject page has details of the work that should be completed and signed off.

Go4Schools Access

We use a web-based platform to record attendance, behaviour (positive and negative) learning and attainment. This provides students, parents / carers with real-time access to the above types data. Details of how to access go4Schools is attached below, if you have any difficulties accessing your account please contact the academy.

For more information, visit the GO4Schools page here


Good attendance and punctuality make effective teaching and learning possible, while irregular attendance disrupts these processes. If students are to take full advantage of what school offers them and become effective learners, gaining the appropriate knowledge, skills, and attitudes that will equip them for life, good attendance and punctuality are essential. We expect all students’ attendance to be 98% or above and are always grateful for parental support. We do appreciate that there may, on occasion, be good reasons for absence, but we strongly believe that attendance is paramount when we look at achievement. 

Parents will be able to track attendance using Go4Schools – full details can be found on the website. 

In cases of patterns of poor behaviour and persistent absences, parents and carers can be fined up to £2,500 for failing to ensure their child attends the Academy on a regular basis. In extreme cases, a prison sentence could be issued. Magistrates also have the power to issue a parenting order, which means that parents and carers have to attend a counselling and guidance programme. 

As part of the Behaviour Policy, students will be rewarded for achieving 100% attendance and there will be attendance prizes throughout the academic year. 


We are very proud of the community spirit at the Alvaston Moor Academy and rely on the full support of parents / carers to re-enforce the high standards and expectations of student behaviour. We believe that parents choose this Academy due to this insistence on the highest levels of respect, behaviour and work ethic. We ask that parents support any disciplinary actions that are taken in order to ensure that their child is a successful learner.

Home School Agreement

Alvaston Moor Academy will aim to provide:

  • A safe and secure learning environment that actively promotes high standards of behaviour, attendance and care for all students
  • The highest standards of care, discipline and the promotion of respect for all students
  • A learning environment that promotes confidence and independence in all of our learners and one that celebrates success
  • Academic and pastoral guidance to pupils throughout their school career; reports, information and consultations about progress.

Alvaston Moor Academy expects:


  • To work and complete all work to the best of their ability
  • To achieve regular and punctual attendance
  • To respect all members of the school community
  • To follow modern British values
  • To take responsibility for their own work and behaviour
  • To follow the school rules at all times
  • To respect all school equipment, the school buildings and the school environment.

Parent(s) and/or Carer(s)

  • To support the Academy and its ethos and work in partnership with the staff
  • To inform the Academy promptly of any concerns and respond to concerns raised by all staff
  • To ensure regular and punctual attendance of their child/children to school and avoid taking their child/children out of school during term time
  • To support the high standards of discipline, behaviour and security in the Academy
  • To acknowledge the part that good discipline, behaviour and security play in high attainment
  • To send their children to school in full uniform and properly equipped to work
  • To support the Academy in upholding modern British values, equality and respect for all
  • To attend all parents’ evenings and meetings
  • To notify the school of any changes in your personal details.


  • To act professionally and respectful at all times
  • To demonstrate a commitment to the Safeguarding of all pupils
  • To teach to the best of their ability
  • To set, mark and assess student’s work in line with the Academy policy
  • To keep parents/carers updated of their child’s progress in school.

I consent to the school using images of my child for publicity and promotion.


Signed: _______________________


Date: _________________

Attitude to Learning

Using Go4Schools you can access data on how your child is progressing; this includes attainment data and their attitude to learning (ATL) grades.

Please click here for the ATL grade descriptions (Add link from Trust page)

Parents Evening

Below is the link to be able to book slots for parent evening, when your child year is due.

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  • the code and instructions
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Grants and benefits to help you pay your energy bills – Citizens Advice

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