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At Alvaston Moor Academy we aim to provide students with a breadth of topics that will engage and inspire them to learn more about History. As well as gaining a depth of knowledge about topics, students will acquire skills in enquiry, analysis and communication that they can adapt and use in all subjects.

At KS3 students have 3 lessons a fortnight of History.

KS3 Curriculum plan/map

Year 7

Why was 1066 a significant year?

Students will learn about the reasons why there was a battle for the English throne through a close study of the Bayeux Tapestry. They will also consider the methods used to control England after the invasion of 1066.

Who were the Tudors?

Students will learn about who the Tudors were and how they gained control of the throne. They will question and evaluate the importance of the religious legacy left by the rulers.

What was the Slave Trade?

Students will learn about how and why the slave trade happened and why it was accepted at the time. They will use interpretations to investigate the life led by slaves to their eventual emancipation.

Year 8

Why did the Industrial Revolution happen?

Students will learn about the reasons behind the Industrial Revolution and the conditions that people lived and worked in at this time.

The Causes and Course of World War One

Students will investigate the long and short term causes of the war and why so many young men volunteered. Through source analysis they will assess the conditions that soldiers lived and fought in.

Why should we remember the Holocaust?

Students will understand why the Holocaust is a significant topic and is taught in schools. They will learn about the Nazi persecution of the Jews and question where the responsibility lies.

How are Students assessed at KS3?

At KS3 students are assessed formally twice in each topic testing skills that are relevant for GCSE. This assessment allows teachers to grade pupils at Approaching, Developing, Securing or Mastery. Using the formal assessments and classwork, teachers will make a prediction of the GCSE grade that the student is working towards.

KS4 Curriculum plan/map

Year 9

America 1920-1973

This period study focuses on Opportunity and Inequality – when some Americans lived ‘The American Dream’ whilst others faced poverty, discrimination and prejudice.

Conflict & Tension 1918-1939

This wider world depth study enables students to understand the complex and diverse interests of individuals and states including the Great Powers during the peace-making process.

Year 10

Conflict & Tension 1918 -1939

Britain: Health and the People

This thematic study enables students to gain an understanding of how medicine and public health developed over a long period of time. The importance of factors such as war, superstition & religion, chance, government, communication, science & technology and the role of individuals will be considered.

Year 11

Elizabeth I

This option allows students to study 35years of Elizabeth I’s reign. The study will focus on major events of the Queen’s reign from economic, religious, political and social perspectives.

Revision and exam skills

This unit will focus on revision tips and exercises, how to answer exam questions and preparation for the GCSE.

How are students assessed at KS4?

Exam Board: AQA Specification: 8145

In each topic students are internally assessed at the end of each topic to allow teachers to make accurate predictions of GCSE grades.

External examinations

  • Paper 1 – America 1920-1939 Opportunity and Inequality and Conflict and Tension 1918-1939 – 2 hours
  • Paper 2 – Britain Health and the People and Elizabeth I – 2 hours

Extension Activities / Planned Trips

  • Year 7 – Bosworth Battlefield
  • Year 8 – Black Country Museum
  • Year 10 – Thackray Medical Museum

Careers Information / Next Steps

A qualification in History can lead to a successful career in many fields. A student with a good History GCSE grade shows an employer that they have strong analytical and communication skills that can be useful in finance, business, HR and Law.

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