Our Academy

Vision and Values

Our Vision 

We all want the best for our students and for Alvaston Moor Academy to be a thriving learning community. 

A focussed learning environment where significant levels of success are achieved by all.

A really happy place where all students feel safe, are respectful and responsible.

For our students to all become confident learners who are resilient, can work independently and have a strong sense of what is right.  

Where everyone feels that their voice is valued and that they are part of a connected family.   

Our Values    

Everything we do at Alvaston Moor Academy is underpinned the three values that make our Academy AMAzing!

A – Ambition 

M – Manners 

A –  Achievement 


  • By maintaining a positive attitude, show that anything is possible if you put your mind to it
  • Be aspirational and believe you can be anything you want to be 
  • Don’t let your circumstances define you


  • Creating a climate for learning through fostering a culture of respect
  • Be polite, behave calmly and always follow instructions 
  • Treat everybody as you would want to be treated yourself 
  • Think about the feelings of others 
  • Be respectful to yourself, peers and staff 


  • Show that you are always ready to learn and can listen to others 
  • Become a learner that is confident, resilient and goes the extra mile 
  • Understand that the acquisition of knowledge has tremendous value, preparing you for life beyond school and a successful future

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