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Alvaston Moor Academy Advisory Board

Mr David Phillips – Member of AAB
Ms Natalie Devine – Member of AAB
Ms Heather Russo – Member of AAB
Ms Angela Gyte – Member of AAB (Staff)
Mr Mick Dale – Member of AAB

You can contact the AAB through the Clerk:

Clerk to the Alvaston Moor Academy AAB

Alvaston Moor Academy
Brackens Lane
DE24 0AN

Tel: 01332 576 777
Email: clerk@archwaytrust.co.uk

Declaration of Business Interests 2021-2022

Alvaston Moor Academy – Terms of Reference (2021 – 2022)

Archway Learning Trust – Governance Handbook 2021 – 2022

Details for the Governance of Archway Learning Trust can be accessed by clicking the link here. – Archway Learning Trust – Governance Documents

This will detail things like our: annual accounts; business and pecuniary interests; governance arrangements; Trust annual report; memorandum and articles of association; membership; and funding agreement.’

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Alvaston Moor Academy
Bracken's Lane
DE24 0AN

E-mail: enquiries@alvastonmoor.co.uk
Tel: 01332 576777

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