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Alvaston Moor Academy is a member school of Archway Learning Trust . On 3rd June 203, the Archway Learning Trust Board of Trustees established an Interim Executive Board (IEB) for Alvaston Moor Academy.

Details of the structure and responsibilities of the Trust Board, its Committees and powers can be found below in the Scheme of Delegation and Terms of Reference.

Interim Executive Board (IEB) Terms of Reference

ALT Governance Scheme of Delegation & Terms of Reference 2023-2024

Alvaston Moor Academy – Interim Executive Board

The members of the Interim Executive Board (IEB) are shown below along with information about their business / pecuniary interests, governance roles in other schools and attendance records.

NameHow AppointedDate of appointment or last reappointmentTerm of officeBusiness/pecuniary interests declaredGovernance roles in other educational institutionsAttendance 2022/2023Attendance 2023/2024
Mick DaleTrusteesTerm ended 2 June 20234 yearsNoneNoneAAB: 3/3N/A
Natalie DevineTrustees1 September 20214 yearsEmployed by Archway Learning TrustNoneAAB: 3/32/2
Sally DodsleyTrustees8 December 20214 yearsEmployed by Pearson Education as a Quality Assurance AdvisorNoneAAB: 3/3 IEB: 0/22/2
Angela GyteTrusteesTerm ended 2 June 20234 yearsEmployed by Archway Learning TrustNoneAAB: 1/3N/A
Sian HamptonTrustees3 June 2023As per Terms of ReferenceEmployed by Archway Learning Trust as CEONoneIEB: 1/22/2
Heather RussoTrusteesTerm ended 2 June 20234 yearsNoneNoneAAB: 1/3N/A
Michelle StrongEx-officio1 September 2021N/AEmployed by Archway Learning TrustNoneAAB: 3/3 IEB: 2/22/2
Richard TannerTrustees3 June 2023As per Terms of ReferenceVolunteer for Action TutoringChair of the Academy Advisory Board at Nottingham Emmanuel SchoolIEB: 1/21/2
Malcolm TrobeTrustees3 June 2023As per Terms of ReferencePaid to act as Programme Director by Executive Leadership Consortium / Paid as a Consultant by Confederation of School Trusts / Paid as a Consultant by ASCL & ASCL PD / Other occasional consultancies / Brother owns Lindisfarne PressNoneIEB: 2/22/2
Caroline WallisTrusteesTerm ended 2 June 20234 yearsNoneNoneAAB: 3/3N/A

You can contact the IEB through the Clerk:

Clerk to the Alvaston Moor Academy IEB

Archway Learning Trust

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Tel: 0115 929 7445

Email: clerk@archwaytrust.co.uk

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